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Hilman Construction

Hilman Builders performs all types of remodels, but we specialize in additions to existing homes. Our high degree of worksmanship, honesty and service is what sets us apart from the competition.

As you visit the remainder of this site - remember, Hilman Builders stands on the principles of honesty and integrity in every project we do. more impressively, we stand behind our service. You will take comfortin the fact that Hilman Construction is made up of highly skilled individuals, creative in finding solutions for virtually any problem.



Hilman Construction specializes in high-end residential remodels and custom homes. Whether we are supervising a small remodel or building a custom estate, our success stems largely from a fanatical devotiion to two factors not commonly associated with the construction business: organization and communication.

All Hilman Construction jobs are assigned a supervisor from survey to "move-in." Supervisors carry both cell phones and pagers and typically respond within five minutes. Change orders are generated by the supervisor at the job site. In short, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that each job flows smoothly and efficiently.

This unwavering attention to the business side of building benefits everyone: the architect sees a final product that follows the spirit of the original vision, the subcontractors get in and out with no down time, increasing their profit margin and providing incentive to offer their services at the lowest possible price, and the client knows exactly what the job will cost and precisely when it will be finished.

Of course, being especially good at managing a construction job means very little if you don't have the expertise to actually build it. We can accurately translate an architect's vision even if it does not follow a traditional "style."



Our Process

Hilman Construction delivers prompt and courteous service from start to finish.
We will:

  • Present you with a free estimate in writing, detailing all the work that will be required to complete the project.
  • Provide a timeline identifying the start and completion date of the project and document material and labor costs associated with the project.

During the conceptual stage we utilize sophisticated computer-based programs to help shape your ideas into working solutions. Once work on the project begins, we obtain quality materials that meet or exceed the uniform building code. With this in mind, our philosophy supports the idea that subcontractors are hired for their quality of worksmanship, not the lowest bidder.

It never escapes our attention that remodeling can be intrusive on the homeowner. The comfort and level of satisfaction you experience is related to our ability to take necessary steps in divising a schedule that is least disruptive to your day-to-day life.